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Начат серийный выпуск бескорпусных светодиодов WICOP Seoul Semiconductor

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Технология WICOP позволяет обойти основные недостатки CSP.


Компания Seoul Semiconductor представила новые светодиоды WICOP (встраиваемые в подложку печатной платы). Технология WICOP позволяет обойтись безпроцедур крепления кристалла к подложкеи проводного монтажа. Светодиоды подсоединяются к печатной плате напрямую, минуя процесс корпусирования. Промежуточная подложка не применяется, поэтому размер кристалла и его корпуса совпадают.

Преимуществом технологии является экономия на дорогостоящем оборудовании и материалах.



Seoul Semiconductor gladly announces the mass production of a new concept of WICOP LEDs without the need for packaging


- Seoul Semiconductor develops and mass produces WICOPWICOP (Wafer Level Integrated Chip on PCB)  which overcomes the inadequacies of CSP based on silicon semiconductor
- No need for some major components, such as lead-frame and gold wire as well as expensive packaging equipment, such as die bonding and wire bonding machines.
- Commercialization of WICOP will increase the burden on LED companies that have invested heavily in packaging processes.
- As Seoul Semiconductor has already secured the global patent portfolio related to WICOP, it will closely monitor the market and any similar products based on this technology.




On September 15th at the Pudong Marriott Hotel, Shanghai, China, the CEO Mr. Chunghoon Lee of Seoul Semiconductor, a company specializing in LED ( announced a new product, based on the new concept of WICOP LEDs. This technology does not need processes such as die bonding or wire bonding. which are necessary for conventional LED package production nor does it contain major LED package component parts such as lead-frame, or gold wire.














Photo: New product of Wicop2 for lighting [Z8Y15  width and length of with 1.5mm each]



WICOP (Wafer Level Integrated Chip on PCB) is a totally new concept for an LED product which has overcome the limits posed by the existing CSP (Chip Scale Package) solutions. Seoul Semiconductor succeeded in developing and producing the product for the first time in the world in 2012. As it is designed to directly connect the chip to PCB, there is no need for packaging processes, such as die bonding or wire bonding. In addition, as there is no intermediate substrate, the size of the chip and package is 100% the same. It is characterized by the super small size and high efficiency. It is also good for the high luminance and thermal conductivity.




In the case of the widely available product TOP LED, a variety of equipment is required for the production such as die bonding machines to attach the chip to the lead frame, wire bonding machines to connect electrodes to the gold wire, as well as material in the product itself, such as lead frame, gold wire, and adhesives required in each process. Due to this packaging process a conventional LED results in a package size larger than the actual chip size, and so is space limited as the size of the chip could not be made smaller to meet specification requirements.
CSP (Chip Scale Package) technology, derived from silicon, is a technology developed to minimize the size of semiconductor parts (package) to the size of a chip. Generally, when the size of the package does not exceed more than 1.2 times the chip, it is classified as CSP. This technology was applied to the LED industry and companies, they announced products using this technology in 2012. However, as products using this technology need die bonding equipment, intermediate substrate or ceramic and silicon material to attach the chip to the PCB, it is difficult to see the technology as a complete CSP. 

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