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Кнопки C&K серии DS на ток до 16А

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Компания C&K Components выпустила новую модель кнопочного переключателя серии DS с номинальным током до 16A (при 125/250 В AC).

Кнопки серии DS на 16А выпускаются в конфигурациях SPDT (single pole/double throw) и DPDT (double pole/double throw).

Наработка на отказ более 10000 циклов. Сила нажатия 425 г.с (SPDT) и 680 г.с (DPDT).

Номинальный ток и напряжение для кнопок DS-серии: 0.1A, 125/250В (50000 или 100000 циклов); 10A, 125/250В (50000 циклов). Рабочий температурный диапазон от -40°C до 85°C.




C&K Components, a leading global manufacturer of electromechanical switches, smart card interconnect devices, and high reliability connectors, has added a new 16A rating (at 125/250VAC) to its DS Series interlock pushbutton switch series. The new switch extends the series’ proven features, including snap-in mounting and a reliable momentary snap-action (short button or long button) mechanism, to applications including appliances and white goods, heating and furnaces, electrical panels, and industrial automation applications. Additionally, as an added safety feature, DS Series switches disconnect the power supply from the equipment anytime the door or panel is opened and the electrical power supply is exposed.

“The new, higher current rating makes DS Series switches ideal for a wider range of high power applications as an interlock, detection, or circuit interrupt switch,” explained Vinny Acampora, product manager at C&K, “and more applications will follow once the pending UL approval is finalized.”  

The 16A DS Series devices are snap-in pushbutton switches available in single pole/double throw (SPDT), and double pole/double throw (DPDT) configurations, with normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) fixed terminals (6.3mm x 0.8mm). Rated for 16A (resistive rating) and 6A (inductive/motor rating), the new DS Series switch has an operating life of 10,000 cycles, and features an over-travel position of 3.20mm (short button) or 10.15mm (long button), and an operating force of 425gf (SPDT) or 680gf (DPDT).

Other versions of the DS Series interlock switches are rated for 0.1A, 125/250V (50,000 or 100,000 cycles); 10A, 125/250V (50,000 cycles); and an operating temperature range spanning -40°C to 85°C. The series is RoHS-compliant and constructed of halogen-free, white UL94V-0 housing material. UL approval of the 16A DS Series switches is pending.

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