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Светодиодные драйверы IS31FL3732 (ISSI)

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Компания Integrated Silicon Solution (ISSI) представила новые светодиодные драйверы IS31FL3732.


ИС IS31FL3732 представляют собой контроллеры управления светодиодами с RGB-цветовыми эффектами с препрограммированными функциями свечения и анимации.

Драйверы IS31FL3732 поддерживают управление двумя массивами до 72 светодиода каждый, т.е. всего 144 светодиода, каждый из которых можно диммировать в 256 шагов (8 бит). Сигналы для управления 144 светодиодами мультиплексированы в 18 линий для оптимизации используемого места на плате.

Микросхемы поставляются в компактном корпусе QFN-40 (5мм × 5мм) с диапазоном рабочих температур от -40°C до +85°C.


Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (Nasdaq:ISSI), a leader in advanced memory and analog IC solutions, today announced its high performance matrix LED driver for use in automotive, consumer, industrial and emerging IoT applications. The IS31FL3732 is a compact LED driver for RGB color-effect with pre-programmed lighting and animation functions. These pre-programmed functions are accessed via a fast 1MHz I2C compatible interface with robust EMI performance, which reduces microcontroller demand, enhances performance and improves battery life.



The IS31FL3732 supports two arrays of 72 LEDs, for a total of 144 LEDs, which can be individually dimmed in 256 steps (8-bit) with 1/9 cycle rate. The signals to drive all 144 LEDs are multiplexed to a reduced count of 18 that requires fewer traces and optimizes PCB space. The IS31FL3732 integrates 8 frames of memory, which can be displayed with programmable time delays to create LED matrix animations. For an extra dimension of animation, analog inputs such as audio signals can be used to modulate the LED display intensity.

The IS31FL3732 also allows multiple ICs to be synchronized without additional external components for applications such as Bluetooth speakers, internet gaming peripheral devices, white good appliances, toys and personal electronics.



"The ISSI FxLED driver can multiplex up to 16 devices in a cascade arrangement delivering unique lighting effects," said Ven Shan, ISSI VP of Analog products. "The IS31FL3732 offers the highest performance in its class and is capable of driving up to 2304 LEDs for a range of applications."



The IS31FL3732 matrix LED driver is available in a small QFN-40 (5mm × 5mm) package. The device's operating voltage of 2.7V to 5.5V over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C offers individual blink, on/off control, 256 step global current control, and auto intensity breathing during the switching of different frames.


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