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Новые светодиоды Bridgelux Vero и V Series 130 лм/Вт

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Компания Bridgelux объявила о начале поставок моделей светодиодных массивов популярных серий  Vero и V Series с конфигурацией 130 лм/Вт.

Особенности светодиодов V Series

  • Компактный размер с высоким световым потоком
  • Минимум 70, 80, 90 CRI
  • Оптимальный теплоотвод
  • Работа от низкого напряжения
  • Неограниченный димминг


Особенности светодиодов Vero

  • Световой выход от 275 до 16,300 люмен
  • CCT от2700K до 5000K
  • 2 и 3 SDCM управление цветом 2700K-4000K CCT
  • Возможность работы с 2X питающим током


Bridgelux, a leading developer and manufacturer of LED lighting technologies, is now shipping its Vero® and V Series™ LED array products with high performing warm white efficacy of 130 lumens per watt (lm/W) and greater. This enhanced performance delivers up to 10% additional energy savings over previous generations. Further, the company has achieved a record warm white efficacy of greater than 160 lm/W on its existing chip on board platforms. With these efficacy gains, Bridgelux continues its tradition of breakthrough LED chip and packaging technology innovation and helps further accelerate the adoption of solid-state lighting.

LED arrays with an efficacy of 130lm/W not only provide a significant return on investment to end customers, but also help OEMs and manufacturers better compete with product offerings that design in state of the art LED based products. The featured 130 lm/W efficacy is now a standard across all Bridgelux Vero and V Series product form factors (3000K, 80 CRI nominal current). Bridgelux Vero arrays provide designers with a best-in-class light source design, a wide range of premium color options, easy integration and installation, reduced manufacturing costs and the industry’s best product warranty for LED light source products. Bridgelux V Series arrays leverage the technology and performance of the Vero products in smaller, cost effective packages.

“Our team is committed to programs that improve LED package efficiencies, while maintaining the dazzling high-level of Bridgelux color and uniformity that our customers have come to rely upon,” said Aaron Merrill, Director of Product Marketing at Bridgelux. “With advancements in phosphor and die technology we’re already achieving efficacies on our current platform that position Bridgelux to push our efficacy leadership well into the future.”

With a strong focus on R&D advancing emerging technologies, Bridgelux is a leading innovator in the ever-expanding market for LED lighting solutions. The company is dedicated to the efficient delivery of differentiated, high performance and cost-effective light source solutions that delight the public with aesthetically pleasing, energy saving LED lighting.

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