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трансформаторы PH9185 от Pulse Electronics

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Компания Pulse Electronics представила новую серию компактных трансформаторов PH9185 с креплением для поверхностного монтажа. Трансформаторы PH9185 полностью совместимы с ИС MAXIM MAX253 и подходят для питания приемопередатчиков RS-485/RS-232.

Размеры корпуса 10 х 10 мм, высота 12,5 мм.

PH9185 обладают высокой изоляцией 5000В.

Новые трансформаторы соответствуют стандарту EIA48, а также спецификации UL60950-1 2 (CAN/CSA C22.2 NO. 60950-1-07 2).


Delivers 4000 volts with 5000V isolation and only 8mm creepage


January 13, 2015 -- Pulse Electronics Corporation (OTC Pink: PULS), a leading provider of electronic components, introduces a new series of high isolation switch mode transformers that come in a standard SMT package. Pulse Electronics’ PH9185 series provides a reinforced insulation power supply that’s compatible with the MAXIM™ MAX253 to power RS-485/RS-232 transceivers.

The transformers operate in a fixed duty cycle push-pull topology that delivers lower power (up to 3W) from a low voltage source and a working voltage up to 4000V, with 5000V isolation and only 8mm creepage. These low cost, efficient transformers offer high power density and safety isolation for use in industrial control systems, building automation, smart grid, surveillance, automotive, renewable energy, and aeronautics applications.



“Pulse’s isolation transformers are unique because the customized EP7 platform has a large separation between the core and pin in a surface mount package,” explained Gerard Healy, field application engineer, Pulse Electronics Power Division. “For standard SMD platforms (EP and others), the pin is generally close to the core so it’s not suitable for high isolation. High isolation transformers tend to be through-hole, with an offset pin, and oversized to meet isolation requirements, so they are relatively large for the low powers they are delivering.

Pulse’s design provides a large safety separation (8mm creepage distance) between pins without over-sizing the device itself, so it is high isolation and safety agency compliant in a compact surface mount package.”



Pulse’s switch mode high isolation transformers are RoHS compliant and meet standard EIA481 requirements. They have been certified by UL to comply with UL60950-1 2 edition, by CAN/CSA C22.2 NO. 60950-1-07 2 edition, and by TUV to comply with EN61558-1 and EN61558-2-16 with reinforced insulation. 4000Vrms isolation voltage is guaranteed to meet this requirement. They are available in tape-and-reel packaging. Lead time is eight weeks.


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