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ЦАП AD9136 со скоростью 2,8 GSPS

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Компания Analog Devices представила первые в индустрии двойные 16-разрядные ЦАП AD9136 со скоростью 2,8 GSPS для производителей телекоммуникационных систем, требовательных к скорости передачи данных.

Преобразователи AD9136 и AD9135 поддерживают скорость входных данных до 2.12 GSPS, используя гибкий интерфейс 10.6 Гбит/с JESD204B. Новые устройства имеют шумовую характеристику -163дБм / Гц, что обеспечивает синтез широкополосных сигналов высокого качества. ЦАП AD9136 и AD9135 имеют максимальное потребление 1,4 Вт электроэнергии при полной загрузке.




Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI), the world's data converter market share leader, introduced today an industry first 2.8-GSPS dual 16-bit converter for telecommunications system manufacturers that require microwave frequencies in point-to-point wireless backhaul equipment. The 16-bit AD9136 and 11-bit AD9135 dual D/A converters achieve up to 70 percent higher signal bandwidth than competing devices while enabling designers to support emerging E-band (71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz) frequencies being adopted by wireless carriers to support steadily increasing demand for high-speed mobile voice and data transfers. The new converters have a maximum sample rate of 2.8 GSPS, which allows multicarrier generation up to the Nyquist frequency.

The AD9136/5 D/A converters support complex input data rates of up to 2.12 GSPS per D/A converter using a flexible, 8-lane, 10.6 Gbps JESD204B interface. The new devices achieve better than -80dBc spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) and have exceptional noise performance of -163dBm/Hz that provide high quality synthesis of wideband signals. The industry-leading combination of speed and noise performance results in faster, cleaner data transmission and reduces infrastructure costs by allowing wireless carriers to space point-to-point microwave repeaters farther apart.

The AD9136/5 converters require only 1.4 W of power under full operating conditions and integrate a low-noise PLL (phase-locked loop), which lowers bill of materials costs and simplifies system design by eliminating the need for a high-performance source clock. The new converters also include integrated interpolation filters with selectable interpolation factors of 1, 2, 4, and 8.

In a point-to-point radio system design, the AD9136/5 are optimized to interface seamlessly with ADI's ADRF672x analog quadraturee modulators.

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                      88-lead LFCSP


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