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Elektor №3'2011

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журнал Elektor 03-2011

Everything on a Single Chip

The world of SoCs

PSoC Designer

Electronics projects, a walk in the park...


TV dish alignment using GPS

MP3 One-Two-Three

A software project for the TMS320C5515 starter kit

Mini Webserver using BASCOM-AVR

Elektor Minimod18 at your service…

PSoC Enables Custom Glass LCDs

with none of the fuss

Here comes the Bus! Part 3

E-Labs Inside section

Two newcomers in the E-Lab

E-Labs Inside section

Debugging the Sceptre using JTAG

With the help of OpenOCD, GDB, Insight and Eclipse for Windows

Ultrasonic Directive Speaker

50+ piezo transducers generate audible sound beam

PSoC Evaluation Kits

A String of 160 RGB LEDs

A colourful display

Solar Charger

Portable energy for people on the move

ADC for the PIC16F84A

Design Tip

Hexadoku March 2011

Win a Cypress PSoC 5 Starter kit!

The Worst TV Set Ever (1962)

Retronics section


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