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Elektor №2'2011

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журнал Elektor 02-2011

OSI from ISO

Seven layers is all it takes

Reradiating GPS Antenna

Banish poor reception in cars

Gentle Awakenings

Programmed sunrise

Ultimatic CW Keyer

For high-speed telegraphy operators

Educational Expansion Board

With handy general-purpose peripheral functions

Geolocalization without GPS

Where am I? Where am I headed?

Here comes the Bus! Part 2

E-Labs Inside section

Design tips for instrumentation amplifiers

E-Labs Inside section

Contactless Thermometer

Are you running an infrared temperature?


Programmable camera controller

MIAC Controlled Underfloor Heating System

Totally programmable with Flowcode

Linux’ed Telephone-to-VoIP Adapter

Quick Recipe: = add PIC, SLIC, Asterisk, Linux, FXS. No telco bill

AlphaLED Shaker

Magic message machine (Readers Project)

How to Get Your Own USB ID

Options and costs

TEXT Me! from 1, PC Junkyard

A £0.00 SMS gateway centre using Linux and a recycled PC

Hexadoku February 2011

Puzzle with an electronics touch

Slide Rules & the Electronic Engineer

Retronics series


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