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Elektor №1'2011

Родительская категория: Анонсы журналов по электронике Категория: Elektor

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журнал Elektor 01-2011

The PCB Prototyper Spreads Its Wings

This compact, professional PCB router has a lot to offer!

mbed Has Landed!

nxp mbed design challenge

Economical Energy Harvesting

Every little bit helps

Thin FAT

Open source FAT file system libraries for embedded applications

Nixie Tube Thermometer

Retro temperature display

Flight Data Recorder

For hikes and rides too

Energy Saving Tips

some less serious


ATtiny plays 555 MMV and AMV

Under Scrutiny: the Xmega Board

E-Labs Inside section

Spotted at electronica 2010

E-Labs Inside section

Here comes the Bus! Part 1

E-Labs Inside section

Low-cost Headphone Amp

Music to your ears

Free Energy

Energy for free from known and unknown sources

Wireless ECG

Monitoring cardiac signals with ZigBee

Groping in the Dark

Webcam conversion to night-vision camera?

Opamp versus Comparator

Superficially similar yet decidedly different

Support Board for Arduino Nano

Three Out of Two Ain’t Bad

Add a tachometer output to 2-wire fans

Notch Filters for Intermediate Frequencies

Effective and selective

Hexadoku january 2011

Puzzle with an electronics touch

Tandberg Model 5 & Stereo Record Amplifier (ca. 1959)

Retronics section


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