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Elektor №4'2011

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журнал Elektor 04-2011

The Five Rules when choosing a DSO

Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

Using IR thermometers: guidelines and practical tests

Pico C

Please welcome ATtiny & The Low Picofarads

Wireless OBD-II

Car diagnostics interface with Bluetooth or ZigBee

Asteroids & E-Blocks

dsPIC – the final frontier for microcontrollers

Guitar Input for Multi-Effects Unit

Preamp based on Ibanez TS9

Here comes the bus! (4)

E-Labs Inside section

A quick temperature measurement...

E-Labs Inside section

3 GHz Frequency and Signal Level Meter

Built around a CPLD and a dsPIC microcontroller

Altimeter for Micro-Rockets

Higher and higher!

GPIB-to-USB Converter

Industry standard measurement bus gets a USB interface

MIDI Step Sequencer

Low budget back beat generator

ATM18 Catches the RS-485 Bus

Next stop for driving relays…

Hexadoku April 2011

Puzzle with en electronics touch

137 Years of Solid-state Electronics

Retronics series


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